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Your life is important and I am here to provide you with tools to assist you with your decision-making. This will enable you to bring positive situations into your life. I strongly believe positive produces positive and negative produces negative. Good luck and enjoy. May Love & Light be with you always.

While my Facebook page says I am retired what I meant was that I have retired that Facebook page. I am still here. I never ever plan to retire. I love talking to you far too much and I love what I do. Helping you help yourselves is a blessing.

I was born with my gifts and it runs in the family. I have been developing and teaching others my very special talents. I hope to share some of those with you! God had bestowed me with a very special gift - I am a clairvoyant. I use this wonderful gift to help any and all people that wish to enlighten themselves and bring a better balance into their lives. I would love to be invited into your life and share my talents with you! 


I help people learn to protect themselves from negative influences within and around them. I want you to stay positive and manifest positive results into your life. We all have untapped powers and talent within ourselves. With the help and right tools of knowledge, we can build the ability to take control of our own lives and destiny. It's okay to have control of our self power.


Clients of all types and from many locations consult me -- business people, couples, teachers, ministers, psychologists, doctors, lawyers, and hopefully you. They come from all over the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and England. The police have even consulted me with family members for assistance in solving the cases of missing persons and murders. 


With my natural medium ability, I have released lost or trapped souls who have made people's lives miserable and disruptive. I enjoy using my talents in charitable events and public speaking arenas. I feel I can help many during those functions. I believe that I am well known for my caring and warm personality, along with my infectious laugh. Many sought me out due to my honesty and loving approach. I have appeared on many programs, both locally and nationwide. I will include a partial listing of shows I participate on regularly and any upcoming events I may have lined up.

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